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Mini What?

They did the unthinkable.

They brought back the Fiat 500!

Call it late to the retro party, call it a Mini Cooper or New Beetle rip off, call it a Fiat– whatever. It just shows that you simply don’t know.

There is hope for this world yet.

Straight from the Vertex of Villainy

A quick preface: I’m no Iran-lover, but I recently got a hold of the letter sent to Mr. Bush from Iran’s president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and thought a few parts were worth sharing- The gist of the message is that George W. Bush’s policies are inconsistent with democracy, liberalism, and the teachings of Jesus, all of George’s favorite justifications. It’s hard to adopt such values when they seem so utterly dysfunctional.

The White House’s official response to the letter was that it was worthless because it didn’t “address the nuclear matter.” Perhaps they need to work on their critical analysis. (more…)

Must See TV

A hilarious nugget conspiculously absent from the mainstream media:

Stephen Colbert, (again, inexpicably) invited to give the closing speech at the White House Correspondents banquet absolutely destroys Bush to his face, along with more than a few n’eer-do-wells. Although Stephen stayed in character, this is definitely a different persona than the one he plays as host of his own show. The material is biting and ruthless- you can feel how uncomfortable and tense the room is during the bit. Even though his material was more relevant than it was ‘funny’ in the classical sense, it was… refreshing, to say the least. The Colbert Report often seems like The Daily Show with more one-dimensional gags and less substance. It was good to see Stephen show some teeth, and my opinion of him has definitely been boosted more notches than one.

DOWNLOAD VIDEO – (.mov, 26.5 MB)

Mr. T Joins Axis of Evil

Say it ain’t so, Mr. T.

Was anybody as shocked and dismayed as I was to see childhood hero and 80s legend Mr. T appear on a Comcast commercial? Just hearing Mr. T utter those most profane words, “It’s Comcastic!” made my stomach turn.

This is NOT the same Mr. T who once taught me to “Be Somebody or be somebody’s fool.” Mr. T is now very clearly somebody’s fool.

Yet another reminder that every conceivable nugget of nostalgia will be cheapened and pimped out for whatever meager value a marketing campaign can squeeze from it.

In case you’re wondering- Comcast sucks. Comcast is one of a few giant cable corporations that have regional monopolies across the country (consider evil-twin Adelphia in southern California). Consistent with the dubious “monopoly” label, Comcast is notorious for its laughable service, non-existent comittment to the consumer and the community, and decided lack of a modern pricing scheme. There are downsides to deregulating industries, and if Comcast is to be allowed to be the sole provider on their cable, they should at least be compelled to donate a small portion of bandwith for public consumption. Of course, that’s too much to ask. I’m not the only one who thinks this way. How about you?

Something can be done. Something will be done. Stay tuned.

For your reference.

Big smiles.The U.N. says that the United States should close the prison at Guantanamo Bay for terror suspects as soon as possible and cease treatment that “amounts to torture.” The White House declined the suggestion.

Isn’t this the torture that was supposed to be banned (even though it was already illegal) with the passing of that fancy new no-torture bill some certain politicans and presidents were gladhanding eachother about a few months back? And wasn’t the violation of U.N. mandated inspections the justification for abandoning a diplomatic course between the U.S. and Iraq? How can the U.S. demand that the rest of the world respect the U.N. if even they don’t honor its role in promoting and protecting human rights?

A list of the programs cut in Bush’s new budget. For your reference.

Who says video games aren't educational?

Real Americansminibanner.gifI’m usually not one to fawn over flash and web-based games, but this deserves special mention. The Anti-Bush Game, from the good people over at, manages to be hilarious, inspiring, offensive, disgusting, and depressing all at the same instant. Your team consists of ‘Real Americans’: Hulk Hogan, Mr. T, and an obsese He-Man, (along with ten ‘secret’ characters.) The game is a typical side-scrolling affair deep into the bowels of the White House, Hell, and other pertinent locations. Most fascinating are the educational nuggets scattered throughout; each stage is preceded by an animated lecture on the (disastrous) effects of certain Bush Administration policies, with the first half of the game focusing mostly on (irresponsible) tax cuts. Sound dry? It’s anything but. Well-written and often savage rhetoric combine with good research and poignant facts that need to enter the American consciousness. Throw in some brilliant and well-placed 80s video game sound effects and the perverse joy of leg dropping Tom Ridge and Karl Rove and you’ve got a near-classic, despite the button-mashing gameplay. “Hulkamania is running wild like never before!” It sure hasn’t. (more…)

A quick recap.

The one, the only, Nikolai Volkoff.

Anyone else find this disturbing? Could your friendly neighborhood blog/news/porn site be next?

Let’s talk priorities.

Finally, is this real?