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POWERBOAT ITALIA ’88 comes to iPad and Android Tablets!

pb88tabletsThe saga of POWERBOAT ITALIA ’88 continues with today’s debut of brand-spankin’-new iPad and Android versions! While I originally had no plans to bring POWERBOAT ITALIA ’88 to any additional platforms, feedback from players led me to decide to make the game available for home use! As always, POWERBOAT ITALIA ’88 is best played with 2-4 friends!

While these versions are not arcade-perfect, I do believe they capture the manic intensity of the original—hopefully your tablet can stand up to the action!

These projects also represent my first dalliance with ads; while I remain annoyed at the way ads are usually slathered all over most ad-supported mobile games, I tried to implement them in as unobtrusive a way as possible (one ad will play after every 3 races) as I do believe that game developers should be compensated for their work but I also don’t want to ask people to pay upfront for what is a multiplayer-only experience. For your convenience, there is also a $0.99 version that removes ads.

Check out the Android versions here. Check out the iPad versions here.

If you have feedback, comments, bugs, suggestions, praise, or any permutation or combination of the aforementioned (especially interested to hear from Android peeps, as I wasn’t able to test with that many different devices), feel free to leave a comment here or to reach out to me via email or facebook!