Welcome Back!

Welcome, dear reader, to what may very well be the 4th iteration of this blog! If there are any of you out there still reading, (I’m looking at you, Eric Case), I pledge many more updates in an attempt to divest myself (and, hopefully by extension, you, too) from the conformist timesuck that is Facebook and its social media brethren.

The journey of my nearly 10 year old SQL database is a winding one: from the early days of Zhukov Video, through a temporary stay on ITP’s servers, to finally resting at nicksantan.com and now robysoft.net, I’m hoping to better unify this blog with my other web stylings. In the past this blog has served a smattering of purposes ranging from personal musings and amateur film theory to technical how-tos to Robysoft announcements to writing assignments from my time at Tisch: ITP. In the future, I hope to increase the frequency and diversity of what’s posted here.

This also marks the first time I’ve styled a WordPress theme from scratch. While there may be the rough edge here and there that I haven’t gotten to, I’m hoping the minimal layout will allow for distraction-free reading and writing for those of you not using RSS readers (if those are even still a thing now that Google Reader has been so cruelly taken from us… but I digress).

But onto the future! And also the past, as I’ll occasionally be attempting to recap the numerous orphaned projects and forgotten adventures that were scantly documented during the past year of bloggy limbo. Until then –


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