Igloo Command World Champion scores 76,350 points!

The Igloo Command World Championship T-Shirt!

A hearty and belated congratulations to Regina D – far and away the Igloo Command World Champion!

From the beginning of the competition, Regina astounded with the world’s first 40,000+ point score – to date she is one of only two players ever to earn the “Best Around” OpenFeint achievement!

From then on, it was a steady rise to even greater heights, first earning a score in the low 60,000s and finally pushing the envelope even further to an unreal score of 76,350 points, nearly double the closest score of over 100 competitors. Personally I have no idea how Regina achieved these scores but I would imagine her strategy is a closely guarded secret.

On its way to Regina is the Sega Dreamcast Pleasure Pak as well the one-of-a-kind Igloo Command World Championship Edition T-shirt, and of course, the pride that lasts a lifetime.

Thanks for playing!

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