Igloo Command High Score Competition!

I’m pleased to announce that a new version of Igloo Command for iOS that features worldwide online high score leaderboards via OpenFeint and Apple’s Game Center is now available! Also available via OpenFeint: achievements!

Download it free now, and if you already have the game, update it via your iOS device today! (Sorry Android fans, Igloo Command leaderboards are not available for Android yet…)

To heighten the stakes (and to reward those players who have been practicing without their scores being recorded) I’m offering some prizes (in a style reminiscent of the Bobby is Going Home 2 ‘pleasure pak’) to the player who has the highest score listed on either OpenFeint or Game Center at 12 PM EST on July 7, 2011. You’ll also be awarded worldwide acclaim by yours truly.

Dreamcast Pleasure Pak...This new millenium retro-gaming ‘pleasure pak’ includes:

* A Sega Dreamcast console with all necessary A/V and power cords.
* One controller pad with VMU unit.
* Three games: Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, Sega Smashpack, and NFL 2K.
* Championship Edition Igloo Command T-Shirt.

Let the games begin! And don’t forget to rate the newest version of Igloo Command via iTunes!


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